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Creating Shared Collections

Creating collections to organize and share your course documents makes it easy to share documents with a large number of people at once. I use three levels of shared folders for my classes:

Course (level 1): Though I teach multiple sections of the same course, there are some documents that I want accessible to all students enrolled in a particular course (digital handouts, labs, problem sets, notes). So I create a shared folder that is "view only" to all members. This will allow students to access these documents, but not edit the original files. 

Class (level 2): To facilitate collaboration and allow for easy sharing of data, I also create an "editable" folder for each individual class. Students will be able to edit any files in this folder, and easily share their own files with the whole class by dragging them into this folder.

Student (level 3): This folder serves as a "drop box" for students to submit assignments to me. It is shared between an individual student and teacher (both with edit privileges) . These can be easily created by students. 

To create a shared collection
  1. Click "Create new..." and select "Collection"
  2. You will immediately be prompted to name your collection. Type in a name, and press "OK"
  3. Find the new folder in your Docs List, and right click on it. Click "Share..." and "Share..." on the submenu that pops up.
  4. In the "Share Settings" Menu, click on the text box below "Add People" and enter your students' email addresses. For "Level 1," click on drop down menu next to it and change to "Can View." For "Level 2" or "Level 3" you can leave it on "Can Edit." When finished, click "Share and Saved."
  5. Your folder will instantly be accessible by students. It will show up under "Collections Shared with Me."  
Any documents you put into the shared folder will automatically have the same share settings as the folder itself. Likewise, if you set up subfolders (for file types or units), they will also have the same settings as the parent folder.