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Sharing a Document

  1. Open the document you would like to share.  By default, all new documents are private.
  2. Next to the document title, click "Private Only to me" to open sharing settings. 
  3. You can share your document with specific individuals, groups, or make it accessible to everyone on the web or with a link.
  4. If you would like to make your document accessible to everyone (Public on the Web) or anyone you send a link to,change the Visibility options by clicking "Change" under Permissions.
    1. Select "Public on the Web" to make it accessible to anyone (can theoretically be found via a google search). 
    2. Select "Anyone with a link" to make it accessible (without log-in) to anyone you send the link to. This setting is ideal for web links on a course page.
  5. If you would like to share with a few individuals, click the text box under "Add People" and type in the email addresses or names of the people you want to share with.
    1. Click the "Can Edit" dropdown menu if you want to limit editing privileges. 
  6. Save your changes, and close the Sharing settings window. Your document is now shared!